February 8, 2022

5 Signs to Know if Upskilling in Computer Science is Right for your Business


Written by Justin Chia, Business Development Manager | SNG for CS101.

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When we talk about upskilling, we are referring to the process of taking your skills and knowledge from a certain level to another new level and this holds true In the computer science field as it is always changing due to the constant new developments in technology. Read: Why Learning Computer Science Skills Can Give You a Boost in Your Current Career. 

Students who have studied this field of study don't have to leave their learnings behind once they graduate but can continue to upskill throughout their working lives.

So, how do we know an upskilling in computer science is right for your business? From my own experience, here are the 5 surefire signs that it’s time for you and your colleagues to make the move.

#1 You must have a passion for Computer Science

It can be true that learning how to code is good for you and these will help hone your ability to make decisions based on a number of relevant factors.

For example, when I was learning computer science in college, I didn't really have the passion for it and hence, I am always catching up with the rest of my peers but once I am able to appreciate this topic in greater detail, I find that I do enjoy what I was being taught.

Thus, I strongly believe that anyone can acquire any skill if he/she is really dedicated to it and simply put, if you want to learn computer science, you can learn computer science. Something I can resonate with is David’s blog, read: Life@CS101: Get to Know OpenLearning's CTO and Head Instructor David Collien where he mentioned along the lines of “playing with your passions” and “how to play to those strengths and have those as drivers to your learning success, rather than the other way around.”

#2 You have a talent for winning agreements

If your logical approach to arguing your points in a structured way means you frequently win over your opponents, this could be a sign that you have the systematic and logical mindset needed for computer science.

When I first embarked on my journey of computer science, I always lost to my opponents and it happened to me so many times that I almost gave up but luckily, I keep on trying and never gave up.

#3 You are a people person

Contrary to the stereotype of the computer science folks hidden away from the rest of the company, you do have a great deal of interaction with the others colleagues across the business.

I remember that colleagues who are into computer science or working in the IT department are always seated in the rear end of the office but you will do need to walk across to the different departments or even to different levels in the office to reach out to your other colleagues should they need any assistance from you and this do create a face-to-face impression of who you are speaking to and will help to build up your interaction skills.

#4 You are a team player

Next, you are a team player as coding itself is a very collaborative process and you will therefore need to enjoy working together and should be prepared to study and further improve on one another's work.

This takes me back to when I first started learning how to code, I would always want to be the first person to complete the assignment but later realise I would need to work closely with my fellow colleagues as there will be steps which I would need their inputs as well. Like CS101, coding is a collaborative activity; rarely programmers do code alone. As Shaun had put it in his QA blog: Life@CS101: Get to Know Senior Learning Designer Shaun Thompson, “there is a world of information, support and community out there for Computer Science willing to help you, too”.

#5 You love all things tech

Finally, you must love technology and being interested in computer science will definitely stand you in good stead and is a sure sign you are bringing values and benefits to your organisation.

I can definitely relate to this as technology is always changing and you must always keep yourself up to date with the latest news or developments that are happening around you. Read our latest CS101 blog on this: 5 Up-and-Coming Technology Trends for Computer Science.

What next?

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