November 23, 2021

3 TED Talk Videos about Computer Science You Need to See


  1. Computer science is for everyone | Hadi Partovi | TEDxRainier
  2. Why High Schools Student Should All Learn Computer Science | Kevin Wang | TEDxFargo
  3. How Computer Science Made Me Brave | Madeline Grisworld | TEDxBrownU

As we all know, the future of work is here. The world is constantly changing with the adoption of technology, and even prior to the global COVID pandemic in March 2020. It can be difficult to stay on top of the latest news and updates within the world of Computer Science, but rest assured, we’ve compiled a list of TED talks to help you stay engaged and feeling inspired with the brightest minds, ideas and knowledge.

Here are three evergreen TED Talk videos about Computer Science you need to see:

#1 Computer Science is for Everyone | TEDxRainier

In this talk, Hadi delivers a persuasive speech highlighting essential and easy ways to gain a basic understanding of computer science learning principles. Our world is increasingly driven by technology and software, so we all need to know the creative, problem-solving power of computer science. This is especially important to students who will lead the way in our shared future.

Watch TED talk here.

#2 Why High Schools Student Should All Learn Computer Science | TEDxFargo

In this talk, Kevin makes a powerful statement that whichever field today's high school students want to pursue, computer science and computational thinking will be a critical part of their future success. This talk will discuss why it is important for high school students everywhere to take a computer science class.

Watch TED talk here.

#3 How Computer Science Made Me Brave | TEDxBrownU

In this talk, Madeline is a junior at Brown University concentrating in Computer Science, with a focus on Machine Learning. She has participated in Brown’s Computer Graphics and Reinforcement Learning research groups and interned as a Software Engineer at Bloomberg. Madeline’s passion lies in CS education, as she has taught many elementary, middle, and high school students how to code. Outside of technology, Madeline enjoyed showing people around campus as a science tour guide and taking photographs around the city. Madeline will elaborate on her experience of finding courage in computer science and explain why everyone should try computer science for themselves.

Watch TED talk here.

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