October 12, 2021

Why Learning Computer Science Skills Can Give You a Boost in Your Current Career


  1. Develops transferable skill sets
  2. Promotes flexibility to suit your needs
  3. Open doors to career opportunities and training
  4. Enhances problem solving and critical thinking
  5. Increases your earning potential

It’s hard to ignore the influence of digital technology on nearly every aspect of your life, especially in the future of work. Over 30 percent of every job can now be automated with existing technology - but studies have shown that those who are willing to learn can harness technology to increase their productivity and further advance their careers.

Computer Science can pave the way on a variety of career options for you. With the versatility, you will enjoy an abundance of benefits both in your personal and professional development. Here are five ways learning Computer Science skills can give you a boost in your current career.

#1 Develops transferable skills sets

Fuelled by the pandemic, it is no surprise that now it is more important than ever to future-proof yourself with transferable skill sets for the next decade. Transferable skills are a core set of skills and abilities that go beyond a particular job or organisation where you can deploy them in almost any role. There are numerous skills that you can possess to help equip you with much more than the title of your role. 

You might be also wondering how this is related to learning computer science with CS101. To put it simply, the course will provide you with the foundations and skills to teach yourself new programming languages, frameworks and algorithms. It will give you the confidence to explore artificial intelligence, cyber security, web application development, cloud computing, data science and more. In short, you will learn “how to learn” and thereby prepare yourself for an ever-changing world of work.

With this scientific mindset, you’ll be able to put your skills into practice in your current career. For example, from applying a range of techniques and strategies to solve problems, to understanding the costs and benefits of of automation and how to automate repetitive tasks to save your time.

#2 Promotes flexibility to suit your needs

We’ve all heard the term “work-life balance” and learning Computer Science can offer flexibility to suit your needs and schedule. With the rise of cloud-based softwares to adapt to the sudden transition of working from home due to the pandemic, learning Computer Science skills can offer insights on how you can become more efficient whilst working remotely.

You don’t need to be an expert, but with these skills that you obtain from learning Computer Science, you can become more productive in the way you perform tasks (with the knowledge to code and automate tasks)  which in turn can help you get ahead of time.

Not only that, programmers to entrepreneurs often are able to work remotely with their devices - so in that regard, learning Computer Science can definitely promote flexibility of choice.

#3 Open doors to career opportunities and training

If you’re looking to transform your career in Computer Science, rest assured that there is a high influx of career opportunities and training that are offered to almost everyone online. Research has shown that it is projected that technology workers in Australia alone will grow two times faster than any other occupation, that is a staggering 809,000 tech workers needed by 2024. Of this, approximately 300,000 will require some knowledge and skills in Computer Science. Read our blog here. 

Not only can it change your career, learning Computer Science in your current career (if it’s not necessarily in tech) can give you a competitive edge. As we pointed out earlier in our transferable skills section, honing this can definitely put you in a desirable position in the next decade and beyond!

#4 Enhances problem solving and critical thinking

To echo what we had mentioned earlier, learning Computer Science is learning a new way of thinking. It is not all about the hard technical skills such as programming and coding, but rather applying various concepts, approaches and strategies in a creative manner to achieve the desired results.

If you have an analytical brain that enjoys maths and logical activities such as puzzles and board games, learning Computer Science may be the right choice for you. Be prepared to feed your curiosity and solve trick problems across many contexts.

#5 Increases your earning potential

Who doesn’t want to advance in their careers? Whether it be getting a raise, promotion or even starting your own tech business, starting your learning journey in Computer Science can be the way to increase your earning potential. From developing in-demand skill sets to be exposed to programming and computational thinking - these traits are highly prized, especially in the future of work.

Where will you be in the next five, ten to fifteen years?

What next?

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