August 5, 2021

4 Ways to Upskill in Computer Science Whilst Working Remotely


  1. Identify and narrow down your goals
  2. Explore the internet and make use of free online resources and tools
  3. Be a part of the increasingly connected Computer Science communities
  4. Make the move and pursue your passion

In today's society, technology has accelerated rapidly and is becoming more ingrained into our everyday lives. Taking into account the spread of the pandemic, many have been working remotely from home. Research has shown that the technology workforce is growing faster than any other occupation. New professionals within this field will require knowledge in computer science to fulfil those roles. This calls for an urgent demand for individuals who are seeking upskilling or reskilling opportunities to equip themselves with the fundamentals of computer software and data science in a meaningful way.

As we can access the internet anywhere and at anytime, learning Computer Science shouldn’t be difficult nor should it break the bank! Working remotely should not be the reason to stop you from learning something new either because the essence of it is having the flexibility to work with freedom and trust. If you want to upskill in Computer Science, this article shows you four easy ways to do so!

#1 Identify and narrow down your goals 

Let's say that the pandemic has made a lot of us start reflecting and understanding ourselves better. Understanding what we want and need to improve ourselves also helps us to identify the gaps in our knowledge and the learning methods. It is crucial to understand how much you already know rather than what you want to know more about.

Take your time and ask yourself: What are my skills in Computer Science? If you have some knowledge in programming, what else do you need to know? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Do I want to enhance my skills for my career or stay in the loop? 

To assist, start by writing down specific skillsets that are relevant in your position and your field. Speak to your manager or colleagues about how you can upskill or reskill in your role. Research and make full use of the resources that can help you gauge what kind of Computer Science skills you need to hone in.

#2 Explore the internet and make use of free online resources and tools

It would be a waste not to explore online when everything is readily accessible to you. If you want to expand in Computer Science, you must make use of digital online resources and tools that are highly useful. Here is an example of a website of 20 Software development tools that will make you more productive in Computer Science.

While you're looking for something to refer to, familiarise yourself with terminologies and phrases. This will assist you in running some basic Computer Science code. This is a good way to stay relevant to industry standards and to understand the latest jargons.

However, make sure that you are staying abreast of changes in the Computer Science industry. As we all know, the tech industry is always evolving at a rapid pace. A great way to stay in the loop is to subscribe to our CS101 newsletter here.

#3 Be a part of the increasingly connected Computer Science communities

Whilst you are learning and gaining new skills and knowledge, what better way to solidify your knowledge than it is to becoming a part of the growing Computer Science communities online! Learning Computer Science shouldn’t be an isolated journey. Tapping into online communities allows you to be your authentic self while learning from other remote workers. Aside from that, making connections with larger communities promotes sharing ideas, solving challenges and exploring opportunities together.

Begin by browsing through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for professionals or anyone who shares their interest in Computer Science. Use the initiative of a popular platform for developers to ask questions, collaborate, and share knowledge like Stack Overflow.

#4 Make the move and pursue your passion

If you are more interested in Computer Science than ever before, why not continue your passion and work towards your career advancement! Start taking action today and pursue an online computer course. Working remotely is flexible, so does taking online courses! 

Sure, you can learn a lot from the Internet but through online courses, you’ll advance your skills so much faster through the structured format. Why not start with CS101? It is never too late to start a brilliant life-changing career change or move.

What next?

Are you ready to upskill in Computer Science today? Now that you’re armed with the knowledge on how to upskill whilst working remotely, it’s the perfect time to get started on your lifelong journey!  Why not make the move and kickstart your Computer Science journey with CS101 powered by OpenLearning. The first course CS101: Programming and Computational Thinking is now open for pre-enrolments. The course will officially commence on 18th October 2021. Enrol today!

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