Our Approach

Here at CS101, we have a learner-centric approach towards teaching computer science, building up your knowledge and skills, supporting you along the way, and creating an authentic community to provide you with a holistic computer science education.

Our mission is to enable absolutely anyone, anywhere to learn Computer Science.

Our society is increasingly dependent on the field of computer science – we are here to demystify it, enable you to understand it and feel confident in utilising computer science to solve problems and be prepared for the future of work.

Why study with CS101?

This course is designed from the ground up to take you on a journey from 0s and 1s through to programming complex applications. You won't be going on this journey alone - we'll be with you every step of the way.

Original content designed by experts

Designed from the ground up computer scientists and educators with original content, activities and projects. Validated by leading technology companies and software engineers to ensure that you're gaining the foundational skills that everyone in the industry needs.

Constant support

We've designed a support model that fits around your schedule and enables you to improve. You'll receive feedback from your peers and facilitators as you progress through the course. The facilitator will also guide the community and encourage discussion.

Community-based learning

Programmers rarely work alone, they brainstorm with others, write programs that interact with other programs and they give each other constructive feedback. That is what you will experience in this course. You will be part of a vibrant learning community that is driven by activities and projects, and facilitated by experts in the field.

Interactive learning

CS101 is designed from the ground up to maximise opportunities for peer interaction and engagement for the purpose of developing a broad range of computer science and professional skills. Delivered on OpenLearning and designed around the principles of social constructivism, you will interact because it's fun, not because you are forced to do so.

Design of the Course

We know that deep and effective learning happens when learners are being active – creating, discussing and reflecting – rather than simply memorising and repeating. Whilst we utilise a range of content types and approaches to learning, we've designed the course as a whole around the principles of social constructivism.

OpenLearning Philosophy

CS101 is designed and delivered by OpenLearning, an online learning platform that goes beyond content delivery to focus on community, connectedness, and learner engagement.

Student Empowerment

To foster deeper learning through intrinsic motivation

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Authentic, active learning experiences

Which go beyond publishing content

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Community and connectedness

To encourage sharing, build student rapport, and support collaboration

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About OpenLearning

OpenLearning Limited (ASX: OLL) is an education technology company that provides a scalable online learning platform and learning design services to education providers; and a global marketplace of world-class short courses and online degrees for learners.

Through partnerships with top universities and government agencies, strong network effects, novel implementation of social constructivist educational theory and an education to employability pathway, OpenLearning is at the forefront of a new wave of education delivery.

OpenLearning recently launched OpenCreds, the first cross-sector micro-credentialing framework for Australia and Malaysia, that is designed for higher education, vocational education and professional learning short courses with a focus on outcomes and portfolios for every learner.

With more than 2.8 million learners worldwide across over thousands of courses provided by 177 education providers, OpenLearning is fulfilling its mission of increasing access to higher quality education.

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